Summer 2024, just finished the blog tutorial

Overall, it worked well and I’m itching to build something bigger with this.
For context, I am halfway through a Haskell book and have written some pet web projects before.

What most impressed me:

  • The code generation!
  • I can use JS and CSS where needed*.
  • The dev server.

Pain points:

  • By far number one: Configuring direnv**
  • Deployment***

*: Too many Haskellers curl their nose at having to touch JavaScript, it’s actually a problem for the community. It results in most web frameworks looking like 1998 and too limited UI options.
**: I am running Ubuntu and the direnv that comes with the snap package manager does not work. Installing direnv with sudo apt install direnv instead of snap solved it for me, figuring this out took hours of searching.
***: Deployment is always hard; not IHP’s fault. The first option covered in the guide (shipnix) is sunsetting, so the guide should cut this one and give more details on another option instead.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Improvements are coming to both of the pain points you mentioned. (Shipnix actually has been removed from the docs, it’s just that the docs are not up to date with the github source. Fix this right now)