Failed uploading to storage: static/...: withBinaryFile: permission denied (Permission denied)

I am getting an error when uploading a file:

The error only appears on the live version running on a server, it works fine locally.
The server is just a bare linux server, built using nix-build.

Even when setting the permissions to 777 for every folder from static to the upload folder, the error remains. No error in the console, not even in the option Development version. The only error I’m getting is next to the form element.

Am i overlooking something?

Have you tried using the new deploy-to-nixos tool? Might be easier to switch to nixos than to get it working on linux.

With the current build process the static dir storage will not really work in production. We’d need to make some changes to fix that.

Currently looking into it. Not exactly fitting for this type of project, but maybe an option. Would it be feasable to install nixos on that server to keep using it, or does it need to be an Amazon EC2 instance?

What would need to change inside the build process? Maybe I could look into that

I think the easiest would be working with S3 or similar.

Yes, I resorted to using minio. I setup a local instance on the same server. Probably the easiest workaround which does not involve getting a different server.